"Eye brow" rust - Trying things out

Unfortunately there was not a lot of time to work on the Rekord last year as my real job kept me busy but also reorganizing all my Bitter parts stock.

As I mentioned before, I am learning body work as I go along. One of the typical rust areas of the Rekord D / Commodore B is the "eye brows" above the headlights. There is a double layer of metal there for reinforcement. Water gets between the two and over the years rust starts. I remember from the 70s and 80s that cars that were only 5 years old were already rusty there.

Now I am trying to do this in a single layer and cutting the whole area out and remaking it. Along the way I have found out that the shape is much more complex than it looks and that the repair panels don't have the right contours.

The pictures below speak for themselves. They show taking the contour from my other Rekord and building a wooden model over which the patch panel was formed. I am about 95% happy with the result but will try a different approach on the other side.

Enjoy the slide show below!